Best Online Bingo Sites of 2012

Brand new bingo sites are cropping up all over the place, and it’s no wonder! Online bingo is a gigantic money making industry, and not just for the bingo sites!

A top online bingo site stands to win the bingo consumer a heck of a lot of money, so picking the best online bingo has to be an involved task. Find out more at

Perhaps the most popular bingo site launched already in 2012 is Bingo Street. Arriving complete with huge bonuses and even its very own bargain supermarket – the one-stop-bingo-shop catering for your every bingo need! Superbingomarket brings bingo fans all the guaranteed jackpots they can handle, as well as an amazing 250% welcome bonus AND an extra added bonus on top of that! That’s right – you’ll get to Shake the Signpost and whatever sum it lands on will be added to that excellent welcome bonus, so you could find yourself tonnes of cash before you even get a sniff of bingo!

Back2School Bingo was another brand new bingo site to impress in 2012 with their funny little site and the 200% welcome bonus waiting to greet you (not to mention their trove of excellent games and jackpots) but the most impressive new bingo site has to be Bingo Cams. Not only do they offer a fantastic and absolutely free cheeky fiver so you can scope out the site and try before you buy (at which point a 200% welcome bonus is showered upon you) but they also introduced a brand new way to play, unseen elsewhere in the online bingo world! Yes they have interactive, social bingo in the form of chat like other sites, but unlike any other bingo site, they offer the chance to speak to your bingo buddies over a webcam! Bingo fans absolutely love this brand new feature and lapped up the little added extra’s Bingo Cams brought with it – like an extra cash prize for the funniest bingo win caught on camera!

The best bingo sites that are emerging at the moment are following the suit of their older competitors and offering fantastically large welcome bonuses along with a huge host of games with hefty jackpots – usually progressive. Loads of new bingo sites have already been launched in 2012, each with their own fantastic individual style and boasting their own trove of goodies, which makes choosing an online bingo site for you that bit more difficult! But do not be deterred!! Our crew has found a great way for you to spot your top of the line bingo site, simply log on to and find YOUR perfect match!